Accountability: Our Commitment Board of Directors Reports    


We are well aware that in today's society it may be hard to distinguish between what is a legitimate charitable organization and one in which all of the dollars intended for the stated purposes actually reach that target. It typically leaves donors and sponsors wondering what good their heartfelt donation is actually doing.

While this does present a difficult challenge to legitimate foundations like ours, it is a challenge that we gladly accept and intend to overcome by being accountable and transparent in our operations.

It is also our solemn commitment to remain, under our current governing structure, a salary free and rent free organization. What this means is exactly what it sounds like it means - we will operate on a 100% volunteer basis with virtually no overhead, thereby allowing us to stretch each dollar donated to us much farther than your average charitable organization.

If you have had a chance to review our Core Ideology you will see that we have included accountability as one of the core values that we hold dearest to us. We intend to back this up by posting annual management reports and program statistics for all interested parties to see. We will answer all questions asked of us truthfully and honestly as they pertain to our operations, so long as they do not breach any agreements of confidentiality with our patient families, our partners or our supporters.